Introduction to Urban Science: The Challenge of Sustainable Development

10:00-12:00, Oct 22 2021, CST; 04:00-06:00, Oct 22 2021, CET; 21:00-23:00, Oct 21 2021, CDT

Slides and Video for the presentation.

Prof. Luís M. A. Bettencourt conducts interdisciplinary research on complex adaptive systems in biology and society. His research focuses on the identification, modeling and theory of the systemic processes and properties that create and sustain cities. This work involves partnerships and collaborations with international networks of researchers, local governments and NGOs to understand and systematize urban knowledge, and to foster processes of sustainable development. His work is well-known academically and has been influential in developing new theory and new creative approaches to challenges of urbanization worldwide.


Worldwide urbanization and the emergence of information and communications technologies and bigger data are enabling a fast-growing scientific understanding of cities. In this lecture, I will emphasize some of the emerging insights of urban science and the new important perspectives it enables us with towards creating more sustainable forms of development. I will provide an introduction to the frameworks of urban science, including an emphasis on relationships (networks), cost and benefit analysis that is personalized and embedded in built space and time, and issues of information and complexity. I will show how these frame works open new windows for conceptualizing growth and development (in cities) as a collaborative process among people and among people and nature. I will provide some illustrations from sustainability plans from several cities around the world.

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