Urban Monitoring Dataset

Urban Monitoring Dataset includes Urban Air Quality Data, Urban Meteorology Monitoring Data, etc.

Urban Air Quality Data: China hourly air monitoring data of 1511 air monitoring points in 371 cities released by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, including PM2.5, SO2, O3, NO2, and AQI. This set of data contains information such as main pollutants and air quality index from most cities, provided by China National Environmental Monitoring Center.

Urban Meteorology Monitoring Data: Meteorological data of China in International Meteorological Station, including cloud height, wind direction, wind speed, air pressure, temperature, humidity, and precipitation. More than 2 million data records per year. Global Radiosonde Archive (IGRA) provides meteorological observations from radiosonde and pilot balloon at over 2,700 global stations. The earliest data could be dated back to 1950s.