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Mapping provincial steel stocks and flows in China: 1978–2050

China material stocks and flows account for 1978–2018. Sci Data8, 303 (2021).

Spatial distribution of copper in-use stocks and flows in China: 1978–2016.

In-use product and steel stocks sustaining the urbanization of Xiamen, China

Regional disparities in decoupling economic growth and steel stocks: Forty years of provincial evidence in China

High spatial resolution mapping of steel resources accumulated above ground in mainland China: Past trends and future prospects

Urban mining assessment of copper, iron, and aluminum in Fujian Province

Dataset of residential building stock and demolition waste generation

Urban Solid Waste Dataset

Spatiotemporal dynamics of in-use copper stocks in the Jing-Jin-Ji urban agglomeration, China

Scenario analysis of energy consumption and carbon emissions in Chinese aluminum life cycle and emissions reduction measures

Quantifying urban mass gain and loss by a GIS-based material stocks and flows analysis

Developing a GIS-based model to quantify spatiotemporal pattern of home appliances and e-waste generation—A case study in Xiamen, China

Quantifying spatiotemporal dynamics of urban building and material metabolism by combining a random forest model and GIS-based material flow analysis

Characterizing three dimensional (3-D) morphology of residential buildings by landscape metrics

Multidimensional Analyses Reveal Unequal Resource, Economic, and Environmental Gains and Losses among the Global Aluminum Trade Leaders

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