Provincial Material Stocks and Flows Database

As the world’s top material consumer, China has created intense pressure on national or global demand for natural resources. Building an accurate material stocks and flows account of China is a prerequisite for promoting sustainable resource management. Existing material stocks and flows estimates conducted by scholars exhibit great discrepancies. Hence, we create the Provincial Material Stocks and Flows Database (PMSFD) for China and its 31 provinces. This dataset describes 13 materials’ stocks, demand, and scrap supply in five end-use sectors in each province during 1978-2018. PMSFD is the first version of material stocks and flows inventories in China, and its uniform estimation structure and formatted inventories offer a comprehensive foundation for future accumulation, modification, and enhancement. PMSFD contributes insight into the material metabolism, which is an important database for sustainable development as well as circular economy policy-making in China. This dataset will be updated annually.

Song, L., Han, J., Li, N. et al. China material stocks and flows account for 1978–2018. Sci Data8, 303 (2021).
Full publication here.

Downloading the full dataset